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Rees Harps Grand Harpsicle Harp Blue

Rees Harps Grand Harpsicle Harp Blue For Sale

The Grand Harpsicle Harp Is The First Ever Feather Weight Acousticelectric Lever Harp. It Has 33 Strings, Extends Two Octaves Below Middle C And Weighs Just 11 Pounds. It Can Be Played On The Detachable Legs (included), As A Floor Harp Without Legs As A Lap Harp, Or Play It Standing With A Strap. It Can Also Be Played Through An Amplifier Either Using A Plug-in Cable Or A Wireless Transmitter. Case Sold Separately.
Sold by woodwindbrasswind in Kansas City...


Psardo Chromatic 64 C Elite Harmonica

Psardo Chromatic 64 C Elite Harmonica For Sale

Psardo Chromatic 64 C Elite Harmonica. I Am The Second Owner Of This Instrument. I Never Played It. I Intended To Learn And Simply Wanted The Finest Instrument I Could Afford. I Am Not Aware Of Any Defects. I Will Consider Overseas Sale On An Individual Basis.
Sold by squashzimmerli in Grass Valley...


Suzuki Bch48 Orchestral Bass Chord Harmonica

Suzuki Bch48 Orchestral Bass Chord Harmonica For Sale

Major And 7th Chords Are Arranged On The Upper Row, And Minor, Diminished And Augmented Chords Are Arranged On The Lower Row. Each Row Has 24 Chords (24 Major Chords On The Upper Row And 24 Minor Chords On The Lower Row) And Each Chord Has 2 Bass Notes Which Are An Octave Apart. The Bch-48 New Non-valved, Single Reed Model Has The Ability To Add Your Own Bass Notes To A Chord Providing Strength Of Tone And Fullness Of Sound. When Accompanying Another Harmonica Player, You Have The Effect Of A Trio Ensemble! Supplied With A Beautiful Velvet Lined Hard Case With Gig Bag And Carrying Strap To Protect Your Harmonica.
Sold by capitalmusicgear in Madison...